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I'm Steffy, and I live in my favorite place on earth, Long Beach NY with my two loves & our dachshund. In this space we share our adventures around NY, cozy days at home and tons of outfits! Grab a cup of coffee and lets get to know each other!


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Back in NY / SNOW!

After two straight days of driving and not very much sleep, we're finally back in NY! I have a few more photos from Florida to share, but wanted to just post these beautiful snowy pictures we snapped today on our way out! Yes, we came back to flurries & yes it was epic! I swear there's nothing more beautiful than a fresh coat of snow on a day that isn't freezing cold.

Hudson has been going through sleep regression the past week so it's been a bit rough over here. He loved his swaddle until he discovered his hands/arms, and now he is rejecting it and not falling asleep all night. Any suggestions would be wonderful, and I will make sure to share what our end result is once we find out what works! Wish us luck :)

p.s. I got this hat in FL and I am in love.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Overalls Styled + Hudson!

We snapped these right before leaving to Florida, and boy do they make me miss my home, my wardrobe AND how little my baby was! cry face emoji. it's wild how quickly he is growing!!

... but seriously, cannot wait to not be living out of a carry on suitcase in a few days. This sweater has received so many questions on IG, and it is from a few years back, but I linked some recent similar ones that I could find! :)

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Sunday, January 22, 2017


I'm struggling to stay awake to type this out, and Hudson is sleeping in his cradle next to me. :) We're staying at my parents house for the next few days before we head back to NY! It's been a whirlwind few days here in the US filled with frustration and sadness, and then followed up with tons of hope. I've had days and weeks where I woke up really frustrated that I was born a woman. It's tough being us [females], having to fight for rights that we should have been born with, having to choose between our career and our family, having to constantly remind ourselves to be our own biggest champions even if it seems like the world out there is/will beat us down. It hurts my heart to think that young females may not have the same access to planned parenthood that I had and used when I was in highschool, or that less privileged women who were born into the wrong state or found themselves in less than fortunate situations could end up having it effect the rest of their lives.

But when we all work together, we are stronger. Becoming a mom, and realizing that SO MANY OTHER women are out there going through the exact same things that I am going through has significantly strengthened my love for being born into this gender. We are all in this together, to build each other up and to constantly remind each other how strong we are, and can be. Without us women, nobody else would exist. WE MAKE HUMANS! I love all of you, and am so proud of everyone who was out there marching this weekend. Xo

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Friday, January 20, 2017

South Miami Photos + Guide

After sharing my first Miami city guide, a guide to Miami Beach, I had some requests to share more of our favorite spots in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Wynwood along with my favorite vintage shops. Here goes!

1. Zak the Baker (Wynwood): I may be biased, because Zak is a great friend of ours, but judging by how many others in Miami love this guy and his bakery, I'd say it's a MUST TRY. He just moved the bakery down the street and opened up a Deli, and both are incredible.  It's a must-try!

2. Chocolate Fashion (Coral Gables): This adorable French bakery has delicious sandwiches, coffee, pastries and pretty much anything your heart could desire. It's a small shop, with some seats outside, and perfect for brunch or lunch.

3. Jaguar (Coconut Grove): If you're into Peruvian food, this is your spot. They have the yummiest ceviche, and a full menu or delicious Peruvian dishes!

4. Cafe Demetrio (Coral Gables): This little coffee/brunch spot has delicious food AND the coffee is served with a cocoa powder heart. I mean, it just doesn't get much better than that.

5. Lagniappe (Wynwood/Downtown): My favorite bar in Miami. The backyard is beautiful, and filled with lights and vintage seating. There's usually live music too!

6. Coral Bagels (Coral Gables): The yummiest bagels, and super affordable! 

7. Mary's Coin Laundry: Yup, you hear me right. This is a laundromat AND a Deli and they have the tastiest cuban food! It's authentic and a fun stop along the way!

1. Red White & Blue Thrift/ Flamingo Plaza (Hialeah): Deep in the heart of Hialeah, this place doesn't even compare to any other thrift store. You can find so many gems if you really have the patience to dig. I LOVE how intense and vicious shoppers are here - they will literally ram you down with their cart to get the shirt they have their eye on down the aisle. It's freaking great.

2. Bargain Barn  (Wynwood): If you need incredible vintage furniture, this is your spot.

3. Salvation Army (Wynwood @ 23rd Street): I know every city has one of these, but this location has some great finds + they have deals on Wednesdays!

Trust me when I say, do not bother with any other thrift stores in Miami, except for maybe Goodwill. There's a few other stragglers out there, but NONE are worthwhile and are mostly filled with junk. I used to sell vintage in Miami, so you can trust me on this one ;)

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Everything You've Ever Wondered About My Income (& Goals for 2017)

When I told my friends & family in NY that Matt & I were taking the month of January off to spend 5 weeks in Miami with our family, the big question we received was .. HOW CAN YOU AFFORD THAT?!

See, the thing is, as a blogger you're never really taking time off. You're just fitting work into your life, and shooting campaigns as you go. Matt works as a freelance camera assistant for the union in NYC, so his schedule is pretty much the same as mine - you book work when you can, and that work may be in NY, Miami, Portland or wherever, as long as it's fun! The biggest challenge and most important thing about freelancing (which by the way, I don't do full-time, I have a job but am currently on maternity leave until April so I guess until April I'm solely a blogger) is to save, SAVE, SAVE.

Which leads me to my next point - how we save and prepare for those months when Matt and I both don't book much work, which can be REALLY scary, especially now with a baby. It's something people ask us about often. We are both huge planners, and we're always looking for a way to live more efficiently and put more money away. We love using Mint (it's a FREE app!) to help us keep our finances in order and to stay on top of money earned vs. money spent each month.

In 2017, our biggest financial goals are to max out both of our IRA's, put money into Hudson's college fund and to save for a trip to another country. We're slowly making this happen with the help of Mint's new bill tracking and payment tool, which allows us to stay on top of the bills we owe, so we know exactly how much additional money we can put aside to reach our goals. The bill pay tool also lets us pay directly from the app which makes it super easy!

Mint also lets us to set up specific budgets each month, and to designate how much we want to spend eating out, on clothes, on gas, etc. It sends us an alert when we're going to exceed this amount, which is SO helpful when it comes to being aware of where we spend money. We've set up "Goals" within the app with the amount of money we need, and by the specific date so we are able to stick to our saving plan. If you're a freelancer like me, or just need help with managing your money I can't even begin to explain how helpful Mint is!

What are your financial goals for this year?

I partnered with Mint for this post, but all opinions are my own!
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Monday, January 16, 2017

My favorite high waisted jeans// Miami Beach

I have such a tough time finding the perfect pair of high waisted denim (don't we all?!) I have a small waist, with hips so they usually either make me look wide, or fit awkwardly. When I found this pair, I felt like they were heaven sent! Let's just say I am having to hold myself back from buying every single style that Urban Outfitters comes out with. I've worn them most days on this trip, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

Also... when you see a VW bus, it's pretty much an obligation to snap a photo!

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ocean Drive, Miami

It feels so good to throw on my old favorites, these overalls! They were my go-to staple when I lived in Florida, and years later they're still so easy to throw on. Having a baby totally strips my time to myself in the morning, so I've learned to minimize my wardrobe and make it easy to grab my favorite staples.

In my opinion, everyone should have a good pair of overalls! I've linked some of my favorites that are currently for sale below...

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hudson's 2 Month Update

Can you believe Hudson is 2 months old?! Me either... It is 100% true what they say, the first few weeks fly by in a sleep deprived, baby roll filled haze and then it slowly gets easier and easier. As much as I can't wait for Hudson to talk and walk and become a person, I am also slightly sad seeing him grow out of being that tiny little newborn that I once knew for a split second.

BABY UPDATE: Hudson finally started sleeping through the night at exactly 8 weeks old! There's still some nights where he wakes up around 4AM for a nighttime feed, but most of the time that isn't the norm. It's such a nice change from around 5/6 weeks when he would scream and cry for hours every night we tried putting him to bed. Aside from the weight gain (he's 12.4 lbs!) I think our technique of feeding him extra at night from a pumped bottle has been working. This way I get to see exactly how much he is eating before bed.

He also has incredible head strength, and is almost holding his head up! I think in the next week he will flip over, because I keep finding him in his crib sleeping on his side. We started to bathe him in the sink, not his infant tub, and he loves being under the warm water. He gets really quiet and wide-eyed. 

He 100% knows who his parents are now, and he smiles the most heart melting smile at me every time he catches my eye. I swear he's laughed once or twice, but I think the real true laughs are coming any day now! In the past two weeks he's started paying more attention to his mobiles and toys, and even swats at them with his hands.

We are currently working on figuring out his nap schedule, and getting him down for naps easier. He doesn't like to be sleeping, and fights me all day on going back to bed until he gets grumpy. Hopefully in the next few weeks he'll learn how to lay down for naps and stay asleep in longer stretches during the day.

MAMA UPDATE: I am starting to feel more confident and secure in my role. I am not going to lie, the first few weeks and especially my first few days alone with Hudson, I felt a loss of self, and reality did really sink in that life would never ever be the same. I don't think too many mamas talk about this, but it is a big change to wake up and wait hand and foot on a baby versus taking time to groom yourself and watch Netflix and be selfish. It's a BIG adjustment, and took a lot of getting used to.

That being said, I feel good now, like I really understand my baby and was meant to meet him in this lifetime. I started exercising again at 6 weeks (running with the stroller) and that feels great. I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight pretty quickly, but my body feels different and much weaker and flabbier, so I am working to rebuild muscle. I am still sore in my pelvic area when I workout or walk for long stretches, so I am trying to take it slowly. I am still breastfeeding exclusively, and plan on doing so for at least another month.

One of the biggest changes for me this month is my urge to protect Hudson has increased. I am less afraid in the middle of the night about him not breathing and all of those first few weeks fears, but now I am thinking about other things like how I don't want just anybody to hold my baby, or feeling confident that if he is upset, I am the person who can help him. I didn't feel like this in the very beginning because I didn't know what to do with a baby and everything was so new. It's a good and a bad thing, because I don't want to be overprotective or anxiety ridden, but I want to have just the right amount of these things!

Anyway, please leave any tips for month 3 in the comments! Xo! 

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Miami Beach Photos + Guide

Matt and I lived in Miami for four years before moving to NY. We spent 1.5 of those years in Coral Gables, 1/2 a year in Downtown Miami and the other 2 years living on South Beach! It has been fun being able to revisit all of our old favorite spots, and I realized I never wrote a post about said spots! I am happily going to share some of our favorite things to do, and I'll make sure to break it up into different locations around Miami, since things are pretty spread out around here! First up... South Beach!

1. 11th Street diner: This diner is super retro and authentic, not to mention everything is delicious on the menu! Make sure to end your meal with a sundae - it's worth it. 

2. Shepherd Artisan Coffee: Located on Collins, this place is great if you're staying on Ocean. They have adorable outdoor seating (shown below) and delicious coffee.

3. Panther Coffee: Some of the best coffee in Miami, and we prefer the South Beach location because of the seating and beautiful natural light. We walked here with Hudson one day (pictures below!)

4. Books N Books: One of the only spots on Lincoln road worth stopping into for a light bite and a coffee! They have an incredible book selection, and magazines you can browse while drinking your cup of joe.

Shepherds on Collins

Books N Books outdoor seating 

Panther Coffee shop

1. Juice and Java: If you're looking for a salad or a smoothie, this is your spot!

2. Suviche: Never a let down for a delicious Peruvian and sushi dinner or lunch!

3. Macchialina: Delicious homemade pasta that you won't regret stuffing your face with!

4. Las Olas: The most authentic Cuban food on the beach

1. Take a stroll on Ocean and check out all of the awesome Art Deco hotels / rent a bike and bike around.

2. Walk on Lincoln Road for some shopping.

3. Espanola Way is beautiful at dusk, but try not to go on a weekend because it gets super busy

4. Have a picnic on South Beach and snap pictures in front of a lifeguard tower!

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